Our Story

JaanuzArt was born out of passion for graphic design and fashion. Our purpose is to bring art into people's everyday lives. Whether it’s high quality art prints for your walls, decor for your home, cases and stickers for your tech, apparel for your body, unique gifts for loved ones or lifestyle accessories for various occasions  we’ve got it all! Inspired by bold colours, graphic compositions, funky patterns, sensual characters, abstract art, meaningful quotes, daring topics and relevant social issues  we aspire to create playful artwork that evokes joy with its cheeky style.


We offer the opportunity to customise your life with unique products and designs that speak to you. Our original designs are printed on an array of different items and shipped worldwide. Everything at JaanuzArt is produced on-demand. This allows us to ethically and sustainably make only the products you need, bringing waste to a minimum.


Jaanus is the owner and designer behind art apparel and accessories line JaanuzArt (@jaanuzart). Being a multi-hyphenate and passionate creative he refuses to limit his pursuits. Jaanus is a graphic designer, illustrator, creative director and a music producer. Starting his career in 1997, he worked as a designer and a creative director with many notable brands in various advertising agencies. In 2011 Jaanus began his entrepreneurial journey by starting a packaging design agency. The response was incredible and has continued to this day. But on the rollercoaster of running a business where the focus was on fulfilling clients’ dreams, he could no longer ignore an urge from within. That's when Jaanus decided to pursue his artistic calling now known as JaanuzArt. He goes all out to bring art to life and share it with people who care.

Empower yourself through design, inspire lively conversation and wear kick-ass clothing while doing it! At JaanuzArt you can purchase with purpose, fuel art, cultivate sustainable fashion and support an awesome small business all at the same time.